Unusual Massage Therapies

Unusual Massage Therapies From Around The World

Massage therapy offers a wealth of health and well being benefits.

Whilst full body Swedish and deep tissue massage are the most popular therapy styles of bodywork, there are many more exotic and unusual treatments that you can enjoy from around the world.

Fire Massage

Also known as Chinese fire massage or Huǒ liáo (or fire dragon therapy in Tibet), this treatment involves placing an alcohol and elixir soaked cloth over specific areas of the body.

The cloth is then ignited and allowed to burn for up to one minute before the flames are smothered with a wet towel. The towel is sometimes used to massage the heated area.

Water Massage

Soothing and relaxing water massage usually takes place in warm, waist-deep water.

This therapy is also known as Watsu, and combines water with stretching, flexing, bending and rocking shiatsu techniques.

Venik Massage

This traditional Russian bath massage involves being hit with a bundle of heated twigs. Birch, oak or eucalyptus twigs are usually favoured as these help to exfoliate the skin.

Cactus Massage

The thorns of the prickly cactus are pulled out before the paddles are heated in warm water. The massage involves apply the exposed gooey interior, of the cut half of a cactus paddle, directly on the body.

Cactus massage London.jpg

Knife Massage

This traditional ancient Taiwan massage uses two cleavers to gently pound the back and shoulders. This helps to release the body’s energy and improves blood flow.

Snake Massage

This Indonesian massage involves placing up to six non-venomous snakes on the body, to relieve muscle aches and pain.

The bigger the snakes are, the deeper the massage will feel.

Ria Selenti