Top 5 Male Massage Fantasies

Top 5 Male Massage Fantasies

Fantasies allow you to explore your sexual and sensual side.

These raunchy adventures are often secret and taboo. Occasionally though, you may get an opportunity to turn a fantasy into reality.

Male sexual massage fantasies are limited only by imagination. Whilst some men play safe and keep it fairly conventional, others like to get wild and kinky.

1. Giving Your Masseuse Full Control

Giving your masseuse free reign to take control of the situation is a popular male fantasy. In the submissive role you can lie back and get a kick from watching her confidently direct the experience.

2. Role Play

The role play fantasy is appealing because it provides an opportunity to be someone else for a while. You can take on the role of a heroic or movie character, or play out whatever fantasy scene floats your boat.

3. Threesomes

Very few men can resist the fantasy of the ménage à trois. Getting up close and extremely personal, with two hot women, is a foregone conclusion if you book an erotic four hands massage.  

4. Domination

Taking the lead and directing all of the play can give any man a huge ego boost. The domination fantasy switches roles so that you take full control of the pleasure.

Discussing your domination fantasy desires with an understanding masseuse allows you to be honest about how you need to express your sexuality.

5. Exhibitionism

Fear of ridicule, rejection and discouragement often stops a man from exploring his sexuality and fantasies.

Men who have a deep-seated desire to experience exhibitionism need to consider the possible risks.

There are many creative ways in which you can introduce exhibitionism into the erotic massage experience. An experienced masseuse will know what to do.

Ria Selenti