Shared Shower Then Massage

Shared Shower Followed By Massage In London

Showering together is an erotic experience that enhances intimacy and personal pleasure. It’s also an opportunity for imaginative wet play exploration and soapy fun.

The shower is a great place to try out different techniques and to discover what floats your boat. Once you strip off you can indulge in a sensual scrub down before moving on to a full body massage.

Standard Requirements

Good hygiene is expected in all massage encounters. Showering or bathing together ensures that you are both acceptably clean and sanitised before exploring further intimacy.

Use Quality Products

Enhance the shared showering experience by using pleasing scented body wash products and shampoo. Bathing accessories like a body sponge, loofa or body brush can be used to stimulate the skin and awaken the senses. Fluffy, soft and absorbent towels are a must.

Take Turns

Begin by removing clothes in a provocative manner. Once you are naked and soapy, take turns touching, stroking and massaging erogenous zones all over the body.

Let your masseuse lather you up before you reciprocate. Experiment with different water temperatures, and by using the shower head attachment in imaginative ways.

Enjoy The View

When you’re both naked you have the opportunity to admire your partner’s body. As your masseuse lathers up and rinses off the soapy bubbles on your skin, you can enjoy the sight of her naked curves.

Fabulous Foreplay

Slow down the soaping up and engage in massaging caresses. Intimate play in the shower can make you more receptive to touch, and to elevated pleasure.

Ria Selenti