Sensual Head Massage

Many therapists in London will offer you a head massage to finish off any erotic massage session.

This normally lasts between 5 to 15 minutes and is a great way to calm down after you have had a blissful release of endorphin's.

The head is made up of many pressure points that when stimulated can have a very mellowing affect on the brain. If the masseuse or masseur know what parts of the head to touch and at what degree of pressure they can even send you into a sleep or trance like state.

There are plenty of other benefits to a sensual head massage such as stimulating hair growth and reducing stress. So when you looking to make a booking make sure you ask the practitioner if they do head massage as well, as we would certainly recommend having one.  The masseuses on our roster are all qualified in these techniques so get in touch when you are ready and lets arrange a session for you.

Ria Selenti