Hooked On Happy Endings

Are You Hooked On Happy Endings?

Addiction is the name most commonly given to describe a type of unconventional behaviour.

It is typically associated with the use of certain substances, and also other forms of obsessive-compulsive activity.

If you’re increasingly spending all of your leisure time in the pursuit of an erotic massage and a happy ending you may be hooked on the experience.

Are You Hooked on Happy Endings In London?

If any of the following apply to you there is a good chance that you’re already hooked.

• Most of your monthly salary goes on booking erotic massage appointments.

• You have a business expense account, and you know how to be creative with your monthly allowance.

• You’re living beyond your means.

• You have no financial limitations so you simply do as you please.

• You get a buzz from every erotic massage experience.

• You reward yourself with a feel good happy ending massage fix whenever you’ve had a bad day.

The Warning Signs

• You book frequent erotic massage appointments to enjoy the happy ending buzz.

• You’re neglecting other parts of your life because you’re usually focused on just one thing.

• You know that your increased spending will have severe consequences.

How To Kick The Habit

If you want to take control of your erotic recreational experiences it’s essential that you admit to yourself how far out of control the situation is.

Set yourself a budget, and reduce the number of massage bookings that you regularly make. Limiting your happy ending encounters will intensify your enjoyment of the experience.

Ria Selenti