Common Tantra Myths

Common Tantra Myths That You Will Find In London

According to Tantric philosophy, everything in the entire universe is made of divine energy.

The principles of Tantra teach us how to become aware of, and how to direct this energy within our own body.

Concepts that are not easily understood are often open to misinterpretation.

Here are a few of the common myths surrounding the mysteries of Tantra…

Tantra is all about sex

Contrary to popular belief, exploring Tantra is actually more about the energetic and spiritual connection between two people. It’s also about the connection with self.

Many Tantric techniques do not include any form of genital contact. It is possible to trained in Tantra and not to experience any sexual activity at all.

In Tantra, the end goal is not about achieving orgasm. The goal is to touch divinity.

Tantric sex lasts for hours

Many people are convinced Tantra is about indulging in marathon sessions of hot and steamy sex.

Tantric practice is about becoming aware of your energy, breath and body. True ecstasy is the experience of the three, which takes practice and dedication.

Tantra encourages sexual freedom

Although some people may use the practice of Tantra as an excuse to enjoy the freedom of carnal indulgences, and sex with many people, this is not what the journey of Tantra is all about.

Tantra encourages the freedom of our powerful energy, and the exploration of higher states of consciousness.

Tantra is for weirdos

People who practice Tantra are awakening to the joy and freedom of being present and aware. Some people may choose to foolishly label that as weird.

They are however, missing out of the bliss of deeper connection.

Ria Selenti