Sexy Silk Stockings and Massage Go Together Like Wine and Cheese

So Let Us Tell You Why Silk Stockings Turn Men On.

A sexy black lace suspender belt hooked up to a pair of sheer silk stockings is a sight that instantly excites many men.

Stockings have fuelled men’s passion and fantasies for decades. The hosiery is alluring and arousing for a number of reasons:

Sense Appeal

Stockings are pleasing to behold and equally appealing to the touch. Unlike tights, the sensual hosiery is designed to leave the upper thigh and crotch area exposed.

As men are primarily visual creatures, this temptation sends erotic thoughts into overdrive.

Stockings are typically made from silky nylon that has an ultra smooth finish. The tantalising sheer fabric accentuates the shape of the leg and invites caresses.

Confident Dressing

A woman wearing stockings confidently oozes sexuality and this is highly appealing to men. Vintage style seamed stockings promote glamour, and are usually worn with sexy stilettos or sky-high heels.

Not only are stockings great to look at, they are also comfortable to wear under a sleek figure hugging pencil skirt.

Sensual Suggestion

Getting a glimpse of the bare skin above the stocking top quickens a man’s pulse rate. Men tend to love hosiery and lingerie for its packaging quality.

Sheer silk, lace and fishnet stockings provocatively hint at the flesh that is hidden underneath. Sexy hosiery transforms any outfit into an erotic ensemble, and makes the imagination run wild.

Erotic Stimulation

Play outfits are enhanced by silk stockings. Seductive attire that is accessorised with stockings and a suspender belt, and garter, excite and entice the voyeur.