Tips On How To Sensually Massage A Woman

Trust us, there’s a lot more to massage than touching and rubbing.

Let us tell you why...

In fact, the techniques and movements that you choose to use greatly enhance the enjoyment of the experience. For the ultimate sensual massage it’s essential that you connect with the female body in an erotic way.

Simple Sensual Massage Techniques

Aside from setting the perfect mood, the pressure, movements and techniques that you apply should always be carefully considered. As a general rule, always use quality massage oil for easy gliding action.

• Shiatsu

Shiatsu is a popular massage technique that allows you to rub out any muscle knots. The movements require firm pressure and slow rotation.

• Compression

Compression is common technique that increases blood flow to specific areas. Simply place one hand on top of the other and rotate slowly.

• Stroking

Stroking requires long, gentle movements along the body. Keep fingers together, thumbs parallel, and palms in full contact with the body.

• Kneading

Kneading allows you to work more deeply and is ideal for fleshy areas like the buttocks.

• Friction

Friction is an advanced focused stroke technique that is generally used on the hands and feet.

The Ultimate Erotic Massage

Using a combination of the above techniques, begin your sensual massage with a back, shoulder and neck massage, to ease away tension.

Extend the massage upwards to the head. Gently rub the temples and forehead, and run fingers through her hair. Massage the scalp, applying gentle downward pressure.

Massage down the full length of the back to the sensitive buttocks. Massage in circular movements, gradually increasing the pressure, and using the kneading technique.

Stroke her thighs and calves, as you gently massage the legs before applying friction to the feet.  

Ask your partner to turn over for breast attention. Start off softly, and gently and slowly apply more pressure. Caress the entire erogenous breast area and finish off with the nipples.