What to expect from our Body to Body Massage

Our special bod to body massage in London will leave you buzzing.

It's a session that will heighten all your sexual energy and culminates in an explosive ending.

You could say this massage is our sensual forte, a special session which we passionately love to give.

If you make an incall appointment to one of our stylish apartments in central London then you will be greeted at the door and ushered into a setting of divine relaxation. 

You will be invited into the shower, once showered you will be guided on to the comfortable bed. The masseuse will take off her clothes and the body to body massage session will begin. 

The full erotic body rub experience

From here you can expect a relaxing therapeutic deep tissue massage. This will help relax your muscles.

In the background some gentle music will be playing and aromatic incense and sensual oils will fill the air.

Your neck, back, legs and bum will all be sensually massaged. The masseuse will then ask you to turnover. At this point where the session starts to heat up.

You can expect a full body to body massage followed by erotic touching of the genitals and sensitive areas such as the nipples.

There will be a lot of caressing touches of your whole body as the masseuse moves up and down.

Her naked flesh against yours will add sensual friction which will feel extremely nice indeed.

If you like the sound of this session then contact us today.

The naughty history of body on body massage.

This style of erotic therapy actually dates back to Egyptian times. Transcripts have been found which gave an insight into how people relaxed during this ancient era.

Writings describing a sort of body to body massage were discovered and includes a mention of how a massage therapist would use olive oil on the skin of the recipient and then use her full body to massage the receiver. We always said those ancient Egyptians were a clever bunch.

Now in the 21st century it is not only common but now also quite mainstream for guys and girls to go for a regular erotic massage and body to body is one of the most popular.